Charlie Daniels Suffers Stroke

by | 26 Jan, 2010

Charlie Daniels, the legendary fiddle player,  guitar player and band leader has suffered a stroke while snowmobiling in the mountains of Colorado USA.

Daniels received emergency treatment at the local hospital and was then airlifted to the neurology unit at the Swedish Medical Centre in Denver, Colorado for specialist treatment.

Charlie reports some stiffness and numbness in his left hand and arm but is not expected to be canceling any concert engagements as a result and is looking forward to getting back on the road.

I noticed that my left hand was getting numb and thought that it was because I had been hanging on to the handle bars of my snowmobile for so long that it had gone to sleep, but then I felt the left side of my mouth starting growing numb and my left foot started getting hard to control and I knew something was happening to me. I knew I’d better get back down the mountain and get some help Charlie Daniels.