Bushfires Ravage Australia – again

by | 9 Feb, 2009

bunyipstatefiresThe Australian Bluegrass Blog sends condolences to all of those affected by the disastrous events of Saturday 8th February.

We share the world’s shock at the devastation which has seen many homes lost and some townships completely disappear. While many people’s lives have been changed forever, authorities are predicting hundreds of lives have actually been lost. The real magnitude of this event is beyond our description and yet to be revealed.

Words cannot fully describe the events of the weekend for many Victorians. While this is certainly one of Australia’s greatest disasters, it is certainly not the first. Similar events are occurring in New South Wales and Western Australia.

For those seeking to know and understand more, especially our international readers,  we have listed some or the more reliable Australian news links that are providing up-to-date news.

Some Australian news links: