Bryan Simpson Departs Cadillac Sky

by | 20 Oct, 2010

We received an email yesterday of the news that Cadillac Sky’s mandolin player and vocalist Bryan Simpson has announced his departure after 8 years with the band.

Brian has been unsettled for the past 12 months and he writes of his decision to move on, which he announced to the band this past US summer. While his immediate future is somewhat uncertain he cites the need to move on.

Over the last year I have felt a relentless stirring in my soul that it was time for me to leave Cadillac Sky. So, after many long months of prayer, in the summer I informed the band of my decision. From that moment I have had a great peace about it. Now don’t get me wrong, C-Sky has been a huge part of my life for so long it will be weird to not be in it.
The vision for my life post C-Sky is still coming together but the mission for my life is simply the furthering of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I petition your prayers as I am sure my greatest adventure is yet to come.
– Brian Simpson.