Browngrass and Smoky Wind

by | 20 Sep, 2017

Bluegrass has its musical roots in the Appalachian mountains of the USA. In October of 2000 Joe McKernan and his family moved from the Appalachians of SW Pennsylvania all the way to Elsmore, NSW, bringing their fiddle, harmonicas, banjo and guitars with them.

The family has spent some 17 years in the Australian bush they are now beginning to write original songs about what they have found here. If Yanks can sing about country life and call it ‘Bluegrass’, why not pluck out some songs about Australia and call it Browngrass?

Smoky Wind is their first release – it’s about the smell of spring when the bush fires are burning.

For more about “Browngrass”, here’s an article by Joe McKernan from their website.