Broadcast Milestone For Geoff Morris

by | 25 Jul, 2011

News from Bendigo in Victoria.

Bendigo bluegrass radio presenter Geoff Morris will clock up his 400th three-hour bluegrass show for this coming Tuesday 26th July, from 10:00 a.m. Eastern Australian Standard Time, 8:00 p.m. Those who listen to Geoff’s broadcast in the USA can hear it on Monday 25th July, Eastern Daylight Saving Time. Geoff’s program is broadcast under the title Wall-To-Wall Bluegrass.

Forthe past four and a half years Geoff has been selecting and preparing his programs’s play list and is constantly looks for themes and links between tracks. As Geoff is blind, each of his play list takes up two pages of Braille writing; he then cues it up each track into Winamp software and the show is ready to go.

It’s taken over five and a half years to chalk up the 400. Could very easily have taken far less time were it not for many obstacles, some foreseen, others not, but it has been and continues to be a truly wonderful and joyous time being able to present and share bluegrass music around the world from our front lounge-room in Bendigo. Throughout this time I have made a tremendous number of friends and correspondents all over the world, principally in North America. Bluegrass¬† continues to be wonderfully rich both lyrically and musically. My show tends to draw each time on music from the very beginning of the tradition through to the latest of releases and thus maintains¬† its strong historic connection, diversity¬† and its freshness. I’d truly love to have as many people both current listeners and those who have tuned into the show over the years dropping in to the 400th show to make it a genuine celebration – Geoff Morris.

Geoff’s 400th show will go to air this coming Tuesday July 26th and can be found by logging on to

Geoff particularly enjoys and encourages email feedback – or any correspondence – during the broadcast.