Bluegrass Profiles Page

by | 22 Sep, 2011

The Australian Bluegrass Blog has commenced developing a new website to pay tribute to those many folk who helped create, shape and grow the bluegrass and old-time music scene that we all enjoy so much of here in Australia.

Thanks to Strzelecki Stringbuster’s John Werner in Gippsland who came up with the idea around a year ago and has since helped us develop the site and kindly written an introduction.

Thanks must also go to John Boothroyd who has provided a great deal of information and history through his own research and publication of Australian Bluegrass Recordings, A History and Discography,

The great players and contributors listed on this website come from all walks of life, and some are better known than others. Their common link is they have, quite simply, achieved the remarkable status of being the genesis of a movement, directly or indirectly inspiring any Australian picker who’s ever sat in a bluegrass / old-time session at one the many festivals now on offer here.

Next time you catch one of them at a festival, after a concert spot or at a session, tip your hat, buy them a drink, and pay homage to someone who, not only opened the doors that you are now walking through, but made the welcome on the other side mighty warm. We owe these trailblazer’s a nod of gratitude  – John Werner, Gippsland Victoria.