Bluegrass Parkway Tour Update #4

by | 3 Jul, 2009

BGP-ROMPBluegrass Parkway in Kentucky.

Here’s another update from BGP’s Paul Duff.

Well it is difficult to believe but Bluegrass Parkway’s US tour is already at an end. We played our last spot at ROMP 2009 in Owensboro  
Kentucky on Saturday and what a way to finish off the tour. When we arrived we were able to catch up with Mike Compton again which was fantastic. We caught up on a lot of what has been going on since we last saw him and shared a tour in Australia. Of course we asked him to join us on stage and we had a ball playing the set. What an incredible player he is; and boy can he set down a rythmn section!

We really were tested on the weather front here. The temperature was  97 degrees F and the humidty sat at about 85%. We call this the BGP weight loss program. Just try playing in these conditions with a full suit on.
Following our spot on the show we hung out for a while and decided we should all go out for dinner. After a good meal we got together in Mike’s hotel room for a great jam with Mike, Brian Ray and Chris Sharp as well as some other great pickers. The evening was topped off  beautifully when we heard a knock at the door and in walked Roland White to join in the fun. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

On reflection, one of the very special moments of the tour was when we got to perform a concert for a large picnic gathering that took place in Maria’s home place street. We were able to perform A Girl From The South in front of the actual old family home mentioned in the song; a moving moment for both audience and band.

I’ll continue to post more pics of the tour while I’m still here in the states and remember to check out the youtube clips. I’m putting  BGP_OldFamilyHomemore of them up as I get the chance.

We hope to be able to return very soon for another tour. We want to take advantage of the incredible response we’ve had and build on the  following we are developing here.

Bye for now – Paul

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