Bluegrass Parkway Tour Update #3

by | 26 Jun, 2009

Paul Duff from Australian Bluegrass band Bluegrass Parkway has sent over some links to videos of their performances at Bean Blossom Bluegrass Festival and Renfro Valley which have just been uploaded. Mick O’Neill also sent us a quote from Mr Jim Peva off the BGRASS-L site.

Here are the links:

…there are always highlights at every BB that stick in my  mind.  For one, that wonderful band from Australia, Bluegrass Parkway,  playing on the hot, steamy stage dressed just as Bill and his Blue Grass Boys used to do in suits, shirts, and ties, showing pride and respect for the  music. Bill would have been proud of them, coming from half a world away  to remind us of how his music should be presented – Jim Peva BGRASS-L