Bluegrass Parkway, Pete Peterson and Kellie Allen to Play Fremantle

by | 28 Dec, 2017

Bluegrass Parkway

Friday 5 January at Fremantle’s Kidogo Arthouse.

Bluegrass Parkway are performing with special guests; legendary US three finger banjo player, guitarist and traditional singer, Pete Peterson and equally accomplished old-time singer, guitarist and bass player, Kellie Allen.

Tickets are available at the door.

Both Kellie and Pete are members of the Orpheus Supertones who played MountainGrass a few years ago.

Pete Peterson

Pete Peterson is a legendary and prize winning three-finger banjo player, guitarist and traditional singer. His extensive knowledge, skill and experience playing traditional old time music is unrivalled, making him high in demand as a teacher and contest judge. Pete has taught at Mars Hill Blue Ridge Old Time Week, Augusta Heritage Camps, and others including Gainsborough, England. Pete has also been a judge at the Charlie Poole Festival, Fireback Fiddle Contest and other places. He got his first guitar and banjo over fifty years ago and now plays one of Charlie Poole’s banjos. Pete’s signature and distinctive sound on the banjo echoes that of Charlie Poole, who played three-finger banjo, backup style.

Pete Peterson and Kellie Allen

Pete also plays guitar with a thumb pick, following in the style of old-time guitarists such as Roy Harvey, Maybelle Carter and Riley Puckett. His use of these banjo and guitar styles is uncommon and adds to the distinctive sound of the Orpheus Supertones.

Kellie Allen

Kellie Allen is a wonderful old-time singer, great bass player and old time style guitarist originally from Kansas, who lives in SE Pennsylvania with her husband, Pete Peterson. While in her teens, Kellie started playing old-time tunes with her brother, a wonderful fiddler and banjo player, Greg Allen, and was inspired to sing and play by her musical family.

Kellie has played at many festivals and concerts around the world, with a variety of bands, including the Orpheus Supertones, Waking Up Tillie, Sugar Pie, The Ubiquitones and with the Janie Rothfield Trio. Kellie and her husband Pete Peterson, sing old-time and early country duets together, and she teaches old-time guitar, bass, and singing at festivals and music camps around the country.

Kellie has won numerous old time music prizes with the Orpheus Supertones and Waking Up Tillie, as well as individual awards in Old Time Singing. She and Pete have a CD of duets titled I’ll Never Forsake You.