Bluegrass Parkway In Yinnar

by | 2 Jun, 2011

Submitted by John Werner – Vic

Bluegrass Parkway received an unbelievable reception at their debut Yinnar Pub show last week, as special guests at the Strzelecki Stringbusters last Wednesday of the month gig.

Fresh from the successful Great Alpine Pick, this fine West Australian band performed a red-hot set of their favourite tunes, dazzling the crowd with their polished presentation, wonderful harmonies, and a wicked sense of humour.

Paul Duff was in fine form, demonstrating why he is considered the best front man in Australian bluegrass, linking the songs with witty stories of the band’s road exploits and mercilessly poking fun at his band-mates. The audience were in stitches several times, particularly when the subject of Mick O’Neil’s lingerie collection was brought up (new & used), and Maria Duff’s recent mix-up with toothpaste and moisturiser was made public.

The night concluded in customary fashion with BGP joining the Stringbusters for several tunes, including a DOUBLE double bass solo by Maria & John during You Are my Sunshine. The bluegrass police were duly notified.

As regular visitors to the Eastern states, Bluegrass Parkway are welcome back at The Yinnar pub anytime, and can expect another rapturous response from a community that continues to support this unique monthly event in droves.