Bluegrass Parkway Goes Digital

by | 25 May, 2021

Bluegrass Parkway CD Collection

Bluegrass Parkway’s CD’s are Now Available on Bandcamp.

Bluegrass Parkway have been presenting their authentic bluegrass for over 34 years now and have always delivered the real deal, highlighting strong 4 part harmonies, powerful picking and a whole lot of fun.

We learn today that Bluegrass Parkway now have all of our recordings available for download through the Band Camp website.

Bluegrass Parkway

People can now visit Bandcamp and download albums albums of individual tracks from one of Australia’s finest bluegrass music outfits – Bluegrass Parkway.

In electing to go digital Bluegrass Parkway can now offer some of their out-of-print albums through this digital medium.