Bluegrass On The Tube

by | 29 May, 2009

Richard Hawkins from the European Bluegrass Blog has alerted us to a new online bluegrass resource for music fans.

Carl Carlson of the SouthEastern Bluegrass Association,  in Atlanta, Georgia, has created a new website called  Bluegrass On The Tube. The site features a library of over 250 videos from a wide variety of bluegrass artists to which you may subscribe. New videos are added weekly.

Just for fun, I put together Bluegrass on the Tube, a free website that is designed to promote bluegrass music among bluegrass fans and ‘friends’ of bluegrass fans. In addition to direct access to the entire library, I have incorporated a Subscription Service, also free, which delivers a new video each day (no spam, easy opt-in, easy opt-out).Carl Carlson