Australian Bluegrass Championships History

Here I have attempted to build a table of earlier Tamworth Country Music Festival Bluegrass Champions from the first event held in 1979 through to 2011.

Thanks to the many folk who have assisted me with their recollections. The Tamworth Festival committee have indicated that there is little likelihood of the competition continuing and has not been considered since 2011.

If you have information on the results please get in touch via ed****@au*****************.com,"> this email address.

Banjo Champs 1979 to 2011
YearFirst PlaceSecond PlaceThird Place
1979Chris DuffyUnknownUnknown
1980Trev WarnerUnknownUnknown
1981Mark CollinsJenny ShimminUnknown
1982Rod McCormackJenny ShimminJudy Jones
1983Ian SimpsonUnknownUnknown
1984Rod McCormackUnknownUnknown
1985Simon DaveyUnknownUnknown
1986Ian SimpsonUnknownUnknown
1987Ian SimpsonUnknownUnknown
1988Dave HelensUnknownUnknown
1989Martin LouisGary VannGerald Pink
1990UnknownUnknownJohn Gill
1991UnknownJohn GillUnknown
1992Martin LouisGary VannJohn Gill
1993UnknownJohn GillUnknown
1994UnknownJohn GillUnknown
1995Mark CollinsMartin LouisJohn Gill
1996Trev WarnerUnknownUnknown
1997Trev WarnerJohn GillUnknown
2000Dave HellensHamish DavidsonAndy Owens.
2008Martin LouisMatilda SommersMontz Matsumoto
2009Hamish DavidsonMontz MatsumotoAlexandra Kaufman
2010George JacksonAlexandra KaufmanUnknown
2011Jens KochGeorge JacksonMontz Matsumoto
Guitar Champs 1983 to 2011
YearFirst PlaceSecond PlaceThird Place
1983Sam LemannUnknownUnknown
1984Andrew ClermontMike KerinUnknown
1985Andrew ClermontUnknownUnknown
1986Kelvin NolanUnknownUnknown
1987Andrew ClermontUnknownUnknown
1989Steve BerryUnknownUnknown
1990Brendan RadfordUnknownUnknown
1991UnknownUnknownJohn Gill
1992Brendan RadfordJim RushMark Ellis
1993John GillBrendan RadfordUnknown
1994results unknownUnknownUnknown
1995Rod McCormackBrendan RadfordUnknown
1995John GillUnknownUnknown
1997John GillUnknownUnknown
2000Jedd HughesUnknownUnknown
2008Robbie LongPeter CooperHamish Davidson
2009Innes CampbellUnknownUnknown
2010Rob LongUnknownUnknown
2011Jamie ClarkInnes CampbellJosh Bennett
Fiddle Champs 1981 to 2011
Donal Baylo>

YearFirst PlaceSecond PlaceThird Place
1981No event this year
1982Mike KerinUnknownDonal Baylor
1983Kath NewhookUnknownUnknown
1984Mike KerinUnknownUnknown
1985Donal BaylorUnknownUnknown
1986Donal BaylorUnknownUnknown
1987Tony FitzgibbonUnknownUnknown
1988Justin Price-ReesUnknownUnknown
1989Justin Price-ReesUnknownUnknown
1990Justin Price-ReesUnknownUnknown
1992Justin Price-ReesLuke NealJohn Gill
1993Mick AlbeckGary VannUnknown
1995Mick AlbeckHugh CurtisUnknown
1996Nigel MacLeanUnknownUnknown
1997Nigel MacLeanUnknownJohn Gill
2000Hamish DavidsonUnknownUnknown
2008Luke MollerLachie DavidsonHamish Davidson
2009Mike KerinUnknownUnknown
2010George JacksonUnknownUnknown
2011George JacksonLuke MollerAshleigh Dallas
Mandolin Champs 1989 to 2011


YearFirst PlaceSecond PlaceThird Place
1992UnknownUnknownJohn Gill
1994UnknownUnknownKym Warner
1995Kym WarnerAdam GareJohn Gill
1996UnknownKym WarnerUnknown
1997Kym WarnerJohn GillUnknown
2000Jedd HughesUnknownUnknown
2008Lachlan DavidsonLuke MollerAlex Sommers
2009Lachlan DavidsonUnknownUnknown
2010Lachlan DavidsonUnknownUnknown
2011Luke MollerMichael PatrickDaniel Watkins

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