Australian Bluegrass Championships History

here I have attempted to build a table of current and earlier Tamworth Country Music Festival Bluegrass Champions from the first event held in 1979 through to 2011.

Thanks to the many folk who have assisted me with their recollections. The Tamworth Festival committee have indicated that there is little likelihood of the competition continuing.

If you have information on the results please get in touch via this email address.

Banjo Champs 1979 to 2011


Year First Place Second Place Third Place
1979 Chris Duffy Unknown Unknown
1980 Trev Warner Unknown Unknown
1981 Mark Collins Jenny Shimmin
1982 Rod McCormack Jenny Shimmin Judy Jones
1983 Ian Simpson Unknown Unknown
1984 Rod McCormack Unknown Unknown
1985 Simon Davey Unknown Unknown
1986 Ian Simpson Unknown Unknown
1987 Ian Simpson Unknown Unknown
1988 Dave Helens Unknown Unknown
1989 Martin Louis Gary Vann Gerald Pink
1990 Unknown Unknown John Gill
1991 Unknown John Gill Unknown
1992 1 Martin Louis Gary Vann John Gill
1993 Unknown John Gill Unknown
1994 Unknown John Gill Unknown
1995 Mark Collins Martin Louis John Gill
1996 Trev Warner Unknown Unknown
1997 1 – Trev Warner John Gill Unknown
2000 Dave Hellens Hamish Davidson Andy Owens.
2008 1 – Martin Louis Matilda Sommers Montz Matsumoto
2009 1 – Hamish Davidson Montz Matsumoto Alexandra Kaufman
2010 George Jackson Alexandra Kaufman Unknown
2011 Jens Koch George Jackson Montz Matsumoto
Guitar Champs 1983 to 2011
Year First Place Second Place Third Place
1983 Sam Lemann Unknown Unknown
1984 Andrew Clermont Mike Kerin Unknown
1985 1 Andrew Clermont Unknown Unknown
1986 1 Kelvin Nolan Unknown Unknown
1987 1 Andrew Clermont Unknown Unknown
1988 Unknown Unknown Unknown
1989 1 – Steve Berry
1990 1 – Brendan Radford Unknown Unknown
1991 Unknown Unknown John Gill
1992 Brendan Radford Jim Rush Mark Ellis
1993 John Gill Brendan Radford Unknown
1994 results unknown
1995 Rod McCormack Brendan Radford Unknown
1995 1 – John Gill Unknown Unknown
1997 John Gill Unknown Unknown
2000 Jedd Hughes Unknown Unknown
2008 Robbie Long Peter Cooper Hamish Davidson
2009 Innes Campbell Unknown Unknown
2010 1 Rob Long Unknown Unknown
2011 Jamie Clark Innes Campbell Josh Bennett
Fiddle Champs 1981 to 2011

Donal Baylo>

Year First Place Second Place Third Place
1981 No event this year
1982 Mike Kerin Unknown Donal Baylor
1983 Kath Newhook Unknown Unknown
1984 Mike Kerin Unknown Unknown
1985 Donal Baylor Unknown Unknown
1986 Donal Baylor Unknown Unknown
1987 Tony Fitzgibbon Unknown Unknown
1988 Justin Price-Rees Unknown Unknown
1989 Justin Price-Rees Unknown Unknown
1990 Justin Price-Rees Unknown Unknown
1991 No results to date
1992 Justin Price-Rees Luke Neal John Gill
1993 Mick Albeck Gary Vann
1994 No results to date
1995 Mick Albeck Hugh Curtis Unknown
1996 No results to date
1997 Unknown Unknown John Gill
2000 Hamish Davidson Unknown Unknown
2008 Luke Moller Lachie Davidson Hamish Davidson
2009 Mike Kerin Unknown Unknown
2010 George Jackson Unknown Unknown
2011 George Jackson Luke Moller Ashleigh Dallas
Mandolin Champs 1989 to 2011
Year First Place Second Place Third Place
1989 Results unknown
1990 Results unknown
1991 Results unknown
1992 Unknown Unknown John Gill
1993 Results Unknown
1994 Unknown Unknown 1 Kym Warner
1995 1 Kym Warner Adam Gare John Gill
1996 Unknown 1 Kym Warner Unknown
1997 1 Kym Warner John Gill
2000 1 Jedd Hughes Unknown Unknown
2008 1 Lachlan Davidson Luke Moller Alex Sommers
2009 1 Lachlan Davidson Unknown Unknown
2010 1 Lachlan Davidson Unknown Unknown
2011 1 Luke Moller Michael Patrick Daniel Watkins

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