Bluegrass Champs 1979 – 2011

by | 3 Aug, 2011

Do you know any of the National Bluegrass Champions from the past 32 years? If so can you help fill in the gaps?

Lachie Davidson and I are on a mission to collect a comprehensive list of Australian National Bluegrass Champions from the annual Tamworth Country Music Festival over the past 32 years.

The Australian Bluegrass Blog is looking to publish the complete winners list of national picking championships from 1979 through to 2011. There was a period of nine years or so, where the competition lapsed and has only been started again in 2008 as we understand.

With the help of some of the past winners such as Trev Warner, Chris Duffy, Lachie Davidson and Ian Simpson, we have completed some of the table but there are many gaps.

We are also looking for the second and third placings too, so that we can host a complete winners table here on the Australian Bluegrass Blog. Can you fill in the gaps.

19791 Chris Duffyn/an/an/a
19801 Trev Warnern/an/an/a
19811 Mark Collinsn/an/an/a
19821 Rod McCormackn/a1 Mike Kerinn/a
19831 Ian Simpson1 Sam Lemann1 Kath Newhookn/a
19841 Rod McCormack1 Andrew Clermont
2  Mike Kerin
1 Mike Kerinn/a
19851 Simon Davey1 Andrew Clermont1 Donal Baylorn/a
19861 Ian Simpson1 Kelvin Nolan1 Donal Baylorn/a
19871 Ian Simpson1 Andrew Clermont1 Tony Fitzgibbonn/a
19901 Brendan Radford
19921 Brendan Radford
19931 Brendan Radford
19961 Trev Warner
19971 Trev Warner
20001 Andy Owens1 Jedd Hughes1 Hamish Davidson1 Jedd Hughes
20081 Martin Louis1 Robbie Long1 Luke Moller1 Lachlan Davidson
20091 Hamsih Davidson1 Innes Campbell1 Mike Kerin1 Lachlan Davidson
20101 George Jackson1 Rob Long1 George Jackson1 Lachlan Davidson
20111 Jens Kotch
2 George Jackson
3 Montz Matsumoto
1 Jamie Clark
2 Innes Campbell
3 Josh Bennett
1 George Jackson
2 Luke Moller
3 Ashleigh Dallas
1 Luke Moller
2 Michael Patrick
3 Daniel Watkins