Bluegrass and the Internet by Ted Lehmann

by | 20 Nov, 2008

I have mentioned Ted Lehmann before in my posts to this blog. Ted was my inspiration for this blog site and has been an ongoing encouragement in developing it. I met Ted on my last trip to the USA, while searching out bluegrass music.

Ted has compiled an interesting article on his blog – Ted Lehmann’s Bluegrass Blog that partly explores the potential for the Internet on our developing bluegrass community. It explores some of the opportunities people have, through the Internet, to communicate, become informed and to express their opinions.

Ted writes:
“The new and complex world opened to us through the Internet and the means of communication it has spawned has direct and important relevance for bluegrass at every level. With our economy in a frightening downturn and deteriorating towards what increasingly looks like our most serious challenge since the Great Depression, all the possibilities and perils of this new world have become even more important. I want to explore some of the dimensions of this new and challenging era. While I know that the future of the recording industry as it is affected by the explosion of file sharing, electronic downloads, and new ways of selling and buying music is an important part of this discussion, I must confess to not being well enough informed about this component of the electronic world. Therefore, I won’t try to treat it here, but will leave it to the greater insight of others for the time being. Meanwhile, even with this reservation, there’s plenty left to write about…”

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