Blind But Now I See

by | 4 Jun, 2010

The Biography of Music Legend Doc Watson

By Kent Gustavson, PhD

Author Kent Gustavson has written the first comprehensive biography of music legend Doc Watson published by Blooming Twig Books.

Dr. Kent Gustavson earned his PhD from Stony Brook University in New York, where he now teaches music, leadership, and language. He speaks around the world on both music and publishing, and has interviewed hundreds of award-winning musicians and authors for his radio show Sound Authors. Dr. Gustavson has released more than a dozen audio recordings on his small independent record label Ninety and Nine Records. He lives and works in Sound Beach, New York. You can read more on Kent Gustavson at

From the day he stepped off the bus in New York City, North Carolina music legend Doc Watson changed the music world forever. His influence has been recognized by presidents and by the heroes of modern music, from country stars to rock and roll icons. This is a no-holds barred biography of bluegrass great hero, a flatpicking legend, and the man who brought ‘Amazing Grace’ into the public consciousness.

You may peruse an excerpt of the book on the website. Blind But Now I See is available from major book shops and now online at: