Blackwood 2010

by | 18 Apr, 2010

Submitted by Peter Bruton – Victoria

This years Blackwood Fiddlers Convention has been staged, and what a wonderful weekend it was. The festival site has relocated from the Nature reserve Caravan park to the Blackwood Cricket ground. The Cricket ground proved to be an ideal campground with its surrounds of large shade trees. Pleasant weather prevailed for the whole weekend.

Workshops were many and varied, with all the Old timey and Bluegrass instruments represented. All were excellent and well presented.

As per usual the open mike spots and concerts were great with musicians coming from far and wide. Jamming opportunities were endless, carrying on into the wee hours each night.

Saturday night saw the staging of the old-time dance and a frolicking good time was had by all, young and old alike. This was followed by the Bad-Taste concert, which sure did live up to its name, bringing howls of laughter from the attentive crowd.

The festival finished Sunday night with a very well attended jam session at Lerdies Restaurant in Blackwood’s main street.

In summary the 2nd Blackwood Fiddlers Convention was a very pleasant and enjoyable festival, thanks to the people put in the hard work to stage the event, especially Ken McMaster who is to be congratulated on his tireless effort.
Peter Bruton