Black Mountain Stringband In Melbourne

by | 5 Jun, 2017

From the shadows of Black Mountain in the ACT, the Black Mountain String Band is a celebration of string-band music, where fiddles and voices harmonise with banjo, guitar and double bass. This superb group shares tunes and songs that draw deep from the well of old-time tradition and from other regions and ethnicities, while adding their distinctive original touch.

The Black Mountain String Band will be under taking a short tour to Melbourne from 7th to 9th July across three inner city venues:

The band members are:

  • Pablo Shopen, who grew up playing fiddle with his family in a house full of music from Appalachia to Buenos Aires. He has mastered many fiddle and banjo styles.
  • Donal Baylor has been the fiddler in Bluegrass Parkway for the past 16 years. The Black Mountain String Band gives him a chance to reveal some of his other talents.
  • Jacqueline Bradley is a talented singer, fiddle and banjo player with a love for music. She has recorded in a range of styles, from Irish music to blues to alt country.
  • Matt Nightingale is a very in-demand bass player for all manner of styles. He keeps a solid beat and contributes great vocals as well.

You can find more information on the Black Mountain Stringband from:

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