Billy Redden – Deliverance Banjo Boy In Need

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Billy Redden

This news just in from Bluegrass Today:

We have just learned from Lance Frantzich with The Storytellers in Los Angeles, that the actor who played the banjo kid in Deliverance, Billy Redden, has fallen on hard times and has recently incurred some serious medical bills. So in true bluegrass fashion, Lance has set up a GoFundMe page where people can donate to help get Billy back on his feet.

The fact is that Redden was not in any way mentally challenged, he was simply hired by the director because he had the backwoods look they were after. They coached him, and used makeup techniques, to make him appear to be a witless boy in the film. Billy was 15 at the time the scene was shot.

Read the full story here

If you’d like to or are able to contribute to help Billy Redden in his time of need please visit his GoFundMed page.


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