The Bluegrass Standard Features Women of Bluegrass

by | 17 Jan, 2022

The Bluegrass Standard

The 20222 publication of The Bluegrass Standard featuring women of bluegrass.

This  issue of The Bluegrass Standard is their biggest ever, and features women of bluegrass such as Devon O’Day and Brenda Lawson who ensure that much of the world knows all about bluegrass and its artists through broadcasting media. Also featured are artists Lizzy Long and Kim Robins.

The Bluegrass StandardThe January 2022 edition highlights the deep connections which exist between many stories, such as the common thread between Hazel Dickens and Anne Gerrard and their connection to Laurie Lewis and her story. All their stories weave into a particular record label, Rounder Records, which then connects to the book review, Vinyl Ventures: My Fifty Years at Rounder Records.

In addition Robin Jackson and Erin Salley’s stories intertwine through marriage and into the bluegrass business and then becoming an integral part of that business. They are indeed Women of Bluegrass.

Other stories include Nancy Bruns and the ancient salty sea in Appalachia – a must read.

Tara Linhardt takes us to the intersection of roots music at Nepal and Appalachia. The Fox Gloves also feature as does Rose Maddox

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