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Australian has been awarded another “Best Blog”  accolade from Expertido.

Expertido has been soaring in the ranks of recommendation sites as of late, as a result of their easily comparable data on consumer reviews and product traits, but they also offer another point of data: what the best blogs and websites have suggested to consumers.

Expertido has a growing team of 70 experts who routinely research products in order to help readers and users select the most current and best model to satisfy perfectly. When looking for the best Musical Forms items of 2019, readers will be glad to hear that the Expertido team have  analysed over 40 sites to find only 8 that meet our very high standards for recommendations. They have inspected quite a few different factors, but the most crucial areas were:

  • Consumer information protection
  • Intuitive interface
  • Effortless to use and read, no errors
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Social media presentation
  • Along with more factors.

Expertido’s advises us that their editorial team has taken the time to examine the sites recommended below, and all have earned the exclusive seal of approval and been awarded use of the Best Blog Logo.

The Best Eight Bluegrass Music Blogs for 2019:

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  1. Laurie Grundy

    Congratulations Greg!