Bending Maple, Carving Spruce – John Liddy

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John Bridgland

John Bridgland

John Liddy, South Australian mandolin luthier.

South Australian author and publisher, John Bridgland has announced the release of his next book on South Australian craftsmen. His previous work followed South Australia’s premier flat-top guitar luthier, Bryan De Gruchy. His next project catalogues John Liddy’s brief but significant contribution to South Australian luthiery between 1996 and 2010.

This work features observations on the Australian string-music era during which he worked, his guitar and mandolin styles, his business approach, the luthiery challenges and his views about the craft. It also puts into perspective the evolution of the famous L5 guitar and the F5 mandolin and the Australian challenge, many decades later, to reproduce that high standard.

John was a late entrant to luthiery. He approached a challenging craft with great skill and left a small legacy of fine instruments prized by jazz and bluegrass musicians across Australia, and beyond.

Here is a brief look at the books content:

  • Feeding the Australian jazz and hillbilly market the short career and contribution of a unique South Australian luthier
  • John and the jazz business
  • John and the bluegrass business
  • About John Liddy:
    • The luthiery business
    • The life business Interviews: 2003, 2008

Also featured in appendices:

  • The craft
  • The serial numbers
  • Guitar and mandolin
  • styles and specifications
  • Early website detail
  • References

A unique collectors’ reference, especially for those who own one of Mr Liddy’s finely crafted instruments.

ISBN 978-0-646-92282-9
Author and publisher: John Bridgland
Email contact: jb******@se***.au
Mail contact: Unit 5, 274 Ward Street, North Adelaide SA 5006.

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