Beechworth Workshop Bass-ics

by | 18 Aug, 2009

We caught up with John Werner this morning and got chatting about the coming bluegrass festival in Beechworth where John is taking the bass workshop. So for all those bottom-end folks with bad backs heading to Beechworth in vans, station wagons or simply in a sedan with the front seat wound down, a great bass workshop awaits.

Ironically, the largest instrument in the bluegrass and old-time string band line-up is often the least considered, with the focus more on the front line. Hey, and rightly so I hear you say! They’re the guys (and gals!) who are taking the melody out for walk, weaving silky instrumental skills in between tight rhythmic chops and generally taking the lead roles in tune.
However, the subtle power of rock-solid and dependable bass playing, providing the foundation for these instruments and artists to shine should never be under-estimated. I look forward to meeting up with old friends and making new ones, and welcome bassists of all levels to an informative and fun Saturday morning Bass Workshop at the Priory
– John Werner.