Banjo Bridges by Deering

by | 7 Aug, 2010

A few months ago we posted an article from the Deering Banjo Company’s new  website on how to tension your banjo head. This was quite useful if you happen to play a banjo, but not so if you’re a mandolin player.

This  month Deering Banjos has posted  an article on banjo bridges.

The lyrics like a bridge over troubled waters might well have been written by a banjo player and his search for the Holy Grail of bridges for his banjo! Bridges do play a critical role in the sound of a banjo. Thick ones, thin ones, compensated ones, which is best? That is something every banjo player can decide for themselves but there are a few basics that I hope can help lead you to the best choice for your playing needs.

Read the full article on the Deering Website