Band of Ruhks – Julie

by | 29 Feb, 2020

The Band of Ruhks have released a single from their new album Authentic.

Julie, the new single from their recent album, grieves the heartache of love lost, particularly when misunderstood and mistreated by a former lover. As the chorus says, “That ain’t no way to treat a good man, Julie…”

Julie is a soulful break up song with powerful lyrics including one that asks, “How could you break a heart that loved you truly?” In addition, the words are complemented by guest Aubrey Haynie’s emotive and sweeping fiddle playing that emphasizes the pain including, “I can’t tell my heart to just let go.”

Following the first two singles that featured Don Rigsby out front, Ronnie Bowman takes the lead on this latest focus track. He is joined by Rigsby and Kenny Smith for beautiful harmonies on the lonesome chorus.

Julie was written by Ronnie and I along with Billy Droze at Billy’s place following a session we did for Billy. I had carried the idea and quite a bit of the words around in my head for a while including the melody. Billy is a great writer and he added the bridge and Ronnie nailed the second verse and we all tweaked the words. It really turned out well – Don Rigsby.

To stream, download or purchase a physical copy of Authentic Click Here.