Australian International Music Show 2010

by | 26 Aug, 2010

News from the folk in Melbourne is that this year’s Australian International Music Show is scheduled for 2nd and 3rd October.

Three Halls of Music Gear
At AIMS 2010, you can see, touch, hear and play hundreds if not thousands of different instruments. With three halls of music gear, if you can’t find it here, they probably don’t make it.

Free Advice From the Experts
Many of the big brands are sending their product experts, so you can ask all your questions and get free advice from the people who use the gear day-in, day-out.

Expect to see world-class international and Australian artists on some of the stands and performances by some of the best musicians on the planet.

Workshops and Masterclasses
Get up close and personal with intimate masterclasses.

Thinking of Getting Started?
Always wanted to play, but haven’t known where to start? This is the place and the time! Coaching is by industry professionals who get you started and share some tips to help you keep going. It’s all about playing for fun. You won’t have to learn to read the dots before they’ll let you touch the instrument. No experience necessary.

This year’s event also features performances and workshops from Redd Volkaert whose resumé is impressive to say the least. His current gig includes lead guitar duties for Merle Haggard, Lucky Tomblin, Heybale and Brad Paisley. He won a Grammy in 2009 for best country instrumental performance and was a Grammy nominee in 2003.

Check out the Australian International Music Show website for all the details.