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by | 25 Sep, 2010 | 5 comments

One night in March 2009, Cedric Bullard,  at the tender age of 72 years, decided that he should get a banjo and learn to play it, although he had not the slightest idea of why he wanted to play an instrument, and even less insight as to why he should pick on a banjo.

Cedric started to research banjos on the Internet and happened upon the Daily Frail site of Patrick and Dear Old Dad Costello, where lots of advice, tuition and tuition books were available free of charge. They also sold banjos, but did not want to sell him one because of the prohibitive freight costs from the USA. Instead, he was advised to buy locally.  As a consequence, Cedric bought a banjo from Melbourne, and started to follow the free lessons on Daily Frail.

Over the course of time Cedric has managed to become somewhat of a frailer, through his routine of daily practice. He has also written a few songs and has written some lyrics for other players. While declaring himself very amateurish, as with most people, the music brings him great joy.

I am very grateful to the Costellos, and follow the Daily Frail blog daily and leave lots of comments under my pseudonym of Cedric Down Under – Cedric Bullard.

As a newcomer to the banjo and relying on the Internet for tuition, Cedric has had not yet had the pleasure of playing with others. So, through Daily Frail, he started to gather contacts in Australia under the rubric of Aussie Frailers. Some of the members eventually suggested that their collective should have a bit of a web presence, and so the Aussie Frailers’ blog was created.

Despite my efforts, I have still not had the opportunity to jam with anyone. I am very nervous about doing so, but am looking forward to making the leap – Cedric.

Cedric lives in Cronulla, in NSW, while Aussie Frailers membership boast Australia wide membership including some from overseas.  The group maintains an eclectic embrace of stringed music.

The purpose of the Aussie Frailers‘ site evident by its Home Page message:

You are visiting a site for Australian frailers of 5-string open-back banjos.  Here you can meet other frailers (clawhammer players) to exchange ideas, hints, tablature and details of folk music festivals. You can also arrange meetings and jam sessions, or you can have a video or sound file right here. Bluegrass players, and singers and the players of other instruments are also most welcome.

Visit the Aussie Frailers’ Website.


  1. Cedric Down Under

    Thank you, Danny, Tony, Doug and Patrick.

    I have been unable to have access to the Net for eleven days and eleven nights, as I was in the good old Aussie bush, and flat out like a blue-tongued lizard. It is great to return to find such comments from respected friends from the banjo world.

  2. Danny

    Well hooray for Cedric, always a voice of wisdom and reason on the Daily Frail, it’s nice to see him getting his props from his fellow countrymen

    Good on ya mate

    Danny from ‘Up Above, AKA England’

  3. tony bamforth

    at last a fellow novice who proves “it is never never too late to learn”.
    all the best ,TB. Leigh-on-Sea,Essex,U.K.

  4. Doug Wilson


    It is so good to get to know you better! You certainly have been an inspiration to me. If could ever come to the “Down Under” I would love to jam with you.

    Doug Wilson from Dallas, Texas

  5. Patrick Costello

    Cedric is a wonderful guy. His kind words and thoughtful commentary have been a source of support and inspiration to banjo pickers around the world.

    I am proud to call him my friend.

    -Patrick Costello