Ausgrass 2009

by | 7 May, 2009

The small hamlet of Tumut played host to this years Ausgrass which featured as part of Tumut’s Festival of the Fallen Leaf. Bluegrass raconteur and festival entrepreneur, Howard Miller has posted us a wash up of the 2009 Ausgrass Festival.

I would have to say the Bluegrass Parkway Radio Show at the Montreal Theatre was such an outstanding show, I really had not anticipated seeing this level of professionalism in Bluegrass Music in Australia. With the ambiance of the vintage theatre and the impact of the performance standards of the the bands, the evening event was an outstanding success outstripping my expectations.

The rest of the weekend was superb, with Heather Mandich performing at her very best with an impromptu band formed from performers at Ausgrass. Heather managed her performance and family with help from all those present and it was a real pleasure to have her add her distinctive abilities to Ausgrass.

Bushfire Band from Queensland was outstandingly popular and made a huge impact on the audiences and other musicians.

A real Bluegrass extended family gathering continued all weekend with Bluegrass Parkway joining in on Sunday morning at the Gospel Jam session in Bila Park. The weather was perfect with beautiful sunny days and brisk, cool nights. All were reluctant to leave and I do hope Bluegrass Parkway made their flight, when I left on Sunday afternoon to catch up on my farm duties, no one even looked like they wanted to get ready to leave.

Who was it that said Ausgrass couldn’t get any better, WOW what a weekend,Howard Miller, Ausgrass.