Ausgrass 2009 Update

by | 2 Nov, 2008

Ausgrass 2009 is at the planning stage, with a number of tone deaf music experts (?) on the new Festival committee. All currently locked in heated discussion over the need for Old Timey Music at the Festival.

Expect sparks and fireworks from the Ausgrass team as we attempt to plan the next event and get a true representation of all music styles that can be associated with Bluegrass music.

The only date that funding is available for Ausgrass 2009 is the first weekend in May 2009 as Anzac Day falls on a Saturday this coming year and the town shuts down for the Anzac March.

The Montreal Theatre is booked for the night of the 2nd of May and four bands have already applied for the subsidy and the chance to be filmed, the camera team is booked, so that is good

Last years filming turned out good for a first time effort and a low budget exercise. Catch a copy at Harrietville, only 200 units will be printed and 25 are already ordered, unseen. The team has learnt a great deal about this aspect of the music business, so expect vast improvements on the next project.

So, 2009 will be an event for Victorians and locals, there being a number of events already planned in Sydney for that weekend.

This is all the news so far. The next committee meeting is in November after Harrietville. Watch this site for updates and news, also the Ausgrass web site is undergoing a much needed update.
Submitted by Howard Miller, Ausgrass Events