Art libre F̩camp РRadio K 89.8

by | 19 Nov, 2008

I received a request from Bernard Pradel this month. Bernard runs a radio show in France called Art libre Fécamp. He is seeking to develop the country’s music culture by presenting a program featuring country music, among other genres. Here’s what he wrote:

I regularly participate to a radio broadcast in France that promotes the Country & Western culture and more particularly the music part of it. The name of the radio broadcast is K ‘89.8 Art libre Fécamp.

What I manage during a weekly broadcast covers several areas of country music such as Old time, Hillbilly, Bluegrass, Western swing, Cajun, Rockabilly, Honky Tonk, country & western and new country, Austin Outlaws, Southern Rock, Californian Country rock, Country Pop…

(I am) looking at developing the country & western culture and more particularly the country music. I would be readily opened to promote your band in France by sending a sample CD or DVD to my attention.
Pleasantly yours,

Bernard PRADEL
168 Rue Claude Monet