Andrew Clermont’s Supper Club – Tamworth 2018

by | 22 Jan, 2018

The Tamworth Country Music Festival is more than a music festival where people gather to hear and play country music. As it happens, Andrew Clermont, musician of many styles, has arranged for a number of events this year ranging from his usual Supper Club offering at the North Tamworth Bowls Club to the Golden Fiddle Show and Tamworth’s Capital Theatre and others.

Some of the shows on offer this year:

One show at Murrurundi on Fri 19th @ The Chicken in the Window Barn
The Supper Club at North Tam Bowlo 20th – 27th Jan.
Supuer Book Launch 11am Tue 23rd Jan – Tamworth Library
The Golden Fiddle Show 10am The Capitol Theatre, in Tamworth

The Tamworth Supper Club is a week-long affair offering two shows from 6:00pm and 9:00pm each night except for the 26th with just one 9:00pm event.

The 6:00pm shows offer a variety of performances and artists while the late evening show (9:00pm) is a themed event.

Special guests at this year’s Supper Club include

  • Tommy Chandler (USA) with very authentic Bluegrass vocals and guitar
  • Jude Iddison (Denmark – WA) on Fiddle
  • Sophie Raymondm(Long Gone Lonesome Cow Girl & The Oscars with Harvy Krumpet),
  • Leslie Avril in Piano Bar mode
  • Louise Adams (X-Factor)
  • The Narrow Necks (USA) with David Hoffman
  • Banjo pickers Montz Matsumoto, Taylor Pfeiffer and Paul Cooper
  • The Golden Fiddle Show at The Capitol

The Golden Fiddle Show at The Capitol Theatre is a huge celebration of fiddle music featuring:

  • Jess Randall in “Devil on the Rooftop”,
  • Pixie Jenkins with some multi-fiddle Bluegrass of Uncle Pen.
  • String Loaded Family Band with Blissett Sisters
  • Jude Iddison (WA)
  • Rob Long on drums,
  • Garry Steel – Piano & Accordion,
  • The fiddle show will also feature Paddy Montgomery, Peter Fidler on Dobro & Mandolin and Andrew Clermont’s

We have a special bonus of some triple mandolin section pieces, a grab of some Stephan Grappelli swing, Old-time to modern Bluegrass, Scandinavian adventure and the simply un-expected – Andrew Clermont.

A full program is set out on Andrew Clermont’s website for those wanting to delve into the machinations and intricacies of the weeks offerings.