Alison Brown in Space

by | 14 May, 2009

alisonbrownAlison Brown’s new album, The Company You Keep, traveled into space this week with astronaut John Grunsfeld aboard space shuttle Atlantis.

Grammy-award winning banjoist Alison Brown is a big hit with astronauts. Mission Specialist John Grunsfeld chose to take a physical copy (an interesting fun fact as most astronauts carry only iPods during missions) of her new album on today’s final Hubble repair visit after fellow astronaut Marsha Ivins hipped him to Brown’s signature hybrid banjo sound a few space missions back.

Grunsfeld couldn’t get Brown’s tunes out of his head, so he saved up his first listen of The Company You Keep for orbit. This is the fourth time Brown’s music has journeyed into space as Mission Control has chosen 3 of her tunes as wake-up calls for the astronauts on past shuttle missions.

Click here to listen to samples from The Company You Keep.