A River To Cross – Nedski and Mojo

by | 15 Feb, 2023

A River To Cross

Nedski and Mojo Release New Single A River To Cross

Ned Luberecki and Stephen Mougin, who perform as the duo Nedski & Mojo, release their new single A River To Cross. The song premiered today on Hawkesbury Radio on Mike Kear’s show Music From Foggy Hollow in Australia,

The new single is available for downloading and streaming here.

The concept for A River To Cross came about as Ned and I were cycling in the Shelby Bottoms greenway, here in Nashville.There is a terrific bridge across the Cumberland River, but it takes a bit of doing to ride up the hill to the bridge, then more doing to go up the hill on the other side. We always debated how much doing our adventure would include.We had the line A river to cross and another bridge to burn and began to think about other bridges in our lives. Ned began reflecting on his sobriety and the memories leading up to his decision to make that change. He told me that he spent tons of time running from one situation to another, finally realizing you can’t run away from yourself. Trying to paint a picture of the characters frustration and determination, we built the verse melody and chord progression to be an ever-changing target. It begins on a minor five chord and ends on a flat seven, totally on the brink of disaster until the chorus hits with resolve. I’m proud of Ned and his willingness to tell his story, directly or through song. We aren’t ready to put out a full album just yet, but we felt like it was time for this song to be heard – Stephen Mougin.

A River To CrossBroadcasters, DJs, radio programmers can download HERE, or send a request to Jana Mougin.

About New Nedski and Mojo:

Nedski: Ned Luberecki plays banjo with the Becky Buller Band and is an On-Air personality for SiriusXM’s Bluegrass Junction. He is a first call banjo instructor at banjo camps across the US and Europe and a part time journalist for Banjo Newsletter.

Mojo: Stephen Mougin plays guitar with The Sam Bush Band and owns Dark Shadow Recording. He has been producing and engineering a myriad of up-and-coming bluegrass acts as well as artists outside the genre. Stephen holds a degree in Vocal Music Education and leads many vocal workshops and private vocal coaching sessions.

When not on the road with their regular gigs, you can find Nedski and Mojo performing a variety of original songs and instrumentals, along with a few classics from the worlds of Bluegrass, Newgrass, Blues and even a funny song or two. Their debut album NOTHING MORE features popular bluegrass radio songs: “Another Way To Get To You” and “Ginny Danced”.

About Dark Shadow Recording:

Dark Shadow Recording is a full-service studio and record label led by award-winning Stephen Mougin, located on a hilltop that surveys Music City’s electric skyline. The label produces and turns out music from some the industry’s most promising artists in the Bluegrass, Americana, Country, and Folk genres.