A Message From Dr. Banjo

by | 14 Dec, 2008

pete-wernickIn my book, a “successful musician” is “a person who enjoys playing music”. In times of challenging economics, isn’t it wonderful that music making costs little or nothing?

Good times with friends and family bring us cheer, and music warms the heart. I hope you will have music as part of your holidays, and if you are looking for gift ideas for musical people in your life, we have some good ones.

We regularly hear from people who spend hours playing along with our bluegrass jamming DVDs. Folks love them, and say they feel they know us, from all the times spent jamming with us!

These are among my most popular items ever, especially the Slow Jam Video, suitable for any person just starting to play any bluegrass instrument. 17 favorite songs at very gentle tempos, and only 4 chords (G, C, D, A) used on the whole video!

No way of starting to play could be easier. Music reading, lead playing are not necessary; all chords are shown on screen. Young and old alike will love this super-easy introduction to music making.
My Bluegrass Songbook has sold over 100,000 copies, but there’s still a good chance that a bluegrass-loving friend of yours doesn’t have one! This is another item that gets many hours of use, year after year.

See below for our 2009 camps schedule so far. (Sign up early for lowest cost.)
Joan and I wish you a happy and healthy holiday and new year!


2009 Bluegrass Jam Camps
March 4-6 — Argyle, TX, preceding the Argyle Bluegrass Festival
March 20-22 — Boulder, CO, at the Boulder Inn
April 20-23 — Boomer, NC, preceding Merlefest, includes new Intermediate Track
May 12-14 — Gettysburg, PA, preceding the Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival
July 13-16 — (tentative) Oak Hill, NY, preceding the Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival

For more information about any of the camps, visit www.DrBanjo.com.