A Kentucky Tribute To Bill Monroe

by | 17 Sep, 2011

Rosine Kentucky

Rosine KentuckyHere is a great photographic exhibition and article by Jason Cherkis on the Washington Post Lifestyle website commemorating the father of bluegrass, Bill Monroe centenary and heralding his legacy as larger than life. He sets out to ascertain how the music in Kentucky is doing without Bill Monroe.

I had come looking for Bill Monroe, or at least what was left of the father of bluegrass’s spirit. The man had invented an entire genre: a backwoods sound that transformed porch song and field holler into high art. It was speedy and full of notes, sure. But it was also a deepest strain of soul music — hard as wood, sad as lost time. I wanted to see the Monroe legacy that hadn’t been pinned behind museum glass or given honorary title to a small stretch of two-lane – Jason Cherkis.

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