A Banjo Owner Needs Our Help

by | 5 Jan, 2010

Here’s a request from a family in Melbourne.

Over the Christmas break a family member come across the pictured banjo. From what they can gather the instrument was made in Melbourne, Australia by J. Fleetwood Melbourne.

However, that’s where the information trail ends. They are unable to find any historical information about the banjo and are wondering if readers of the Australian Bluegrass Blog can point them in the direction of someone who may be able to assist.

The instrument has been in the family for about 50 to 70 years. It has the original case and on the outside of the case it has a patent number. The patent number is not immediately available but can be provided if needed.

Any light that you can shed on this banjo would be greatly appreciated by the owners. You can email us at Aust Bluegrass Blog or use the comment tag above to commence a discussion.