7,000 Outlets for AirPlay Direct

by | 1 Dec, 2011

AirPlay Direct kicks off the holiday season with a monumental benchmark for the company reaching 7,000 radio stations and programmer subscribers. Combine that with the fact that AirPlay Direct is made up of over 30,000 members (including signed artists, independent artists and record labels) securely sending broadcast-quality music and digital press kits to booking agents, music supervisors and radio program/music directors.  That means that AirPlay Direct literally touches millions of people—all starting with those 7,000 radio stations and programmer subscribers.

This is another great milestone which we at AirPlay Direct are truly excited to reach. It means bigger and better things for the greater global music industry as AirPlay Direct continues to be critical to the ongoing evolution and transformation of the music industry.  We thank everyone involved, and look forward to our continued growth and even greater success in the future – Robert Weingartz, Chairman and CEO of AirPlay Direct.

With this milestone, AirPlay Direct continues to reach more artists who are eligible to enter “The APD Win An Americana Record Deal Contest.”  The contest, which is free to enter for all AirPlay Direct artist members, includes a package of services worth more than $75,000.  For more information, visit www.airplaydirect.com.

About AirPlay Direct:

AirPlay Direct is a global digital music delivery system servicing radio and the entertainment industry with downloadable content from some of the biggest names in music, alongside rising independent artists. AirPlay Direct’s web-based artist marketing, promotion, education, and advocacy platform allows artists, record labels, and music publishers to securely deliver broadcast-quality music and digital press kits to industry professionals worldwide. Our system allows media programmers and film/TV music supervisors to connect to new music, create music calls, browse top downloaded artists, and immediately download music and related artist information. AirPlay Direct recently introduced our genre-based APD Global Radio Indicator Charts™ which track the download activity that our member’s music receives from our world-wide radio panel. AirPlay Direct also publishes the digital/interactive publication, the Direct Buzz.

For more information about AirPlay Direct visit www.airplaydirect.com.