Aussie Radio Presenter Writes for BluegrassNow Magazine

by | 13 Nov, 2008

gmorrisI got an excited email this morning from Geoff Morris, radio presenter in Bendigo, who advises that he sent the outline of a story to Bluegrass Now Magazine a couple of months ago to test the waters as it were. Here’s the email from Geoff:

A couple of months ago I submitted an idea for an article to the editorial staff at Bluegrass Now. This was to write a piece about my adventures culminating in a fleeting few seconds with lifetime hero Doc Watson.

To my amazement, I received word back suggesting that I submit a full multi-media article concerning my whole visit to bluegrass America in 2007. This was to include text, audio segments, photos, video clip, etc. I was initially daunted by this prospect but, with some help from friends in Australia and America, got down to it and the final product is a substantial multi-media article to appear in the November 2008 Bluegrass Now on-line magazine. Non-subscribers will be able to read the text, whilst subscribers will have access to the entire audio-visual article.

I believe this article will go some way towards putting Australian bluegrass journalism fairly and squarely on the map and therefore, something we should be thrilled about and proud of. I should add that the difference between reading the text of the piece, and being able to read, see and hear the entire audio-visual article is well worth the subscription.

Geoff Morris Presents Wall to Wall Bluegrass on on Tuesdays from 3:00p.m. and Friday nights from 10:00pm.
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