Dennis Jones at WNCW-FM

by | 6 Apr, 2009

For those familiar with Dennis Jones through his many posts on Bluegrass-L and Bluegrass Rules, a friend of mine from the USA, Ted Lehmann, has had an opportunity to catch up with him at Isothermal Community College this month. Dennis is the technical director at WNCW-FM.

Dennis often characterizes himself as a traditionalist. I also knew that Dennis was technical director at WNCW-FM and folks had told me he was a wonderful person, and that he didn’t get around real well. I had long looked forward to meeting him as well as getting a chance to interview him for this blog. Getting to know Dennis is easy. It will take me years to incorporate what I learned from him, and I surely look forward to the next opportunity I get to exchange views with him. Ted Lehmann – Bluegrass, Books, and Brainstorms.

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