25 Attend First Jam Camp

by | 5 May, 2011 | 2 comments

Australia’s first Wernick Method jam camp was held in Golden Beach on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast with participants asking for more of the same next year.

25 visiting jammers attended the first jam camp based on the teaching methods developed by US teacher Pete Wernick. Beginning the musical journey can be a daunting and somewhat challenging job. One of the best things you can do early in the piece is to come out of your music room and find others to play music with. It is far more difficult to get to the point where you can pick the melody of a tune from beginning to end than it is to strum along with someone else as an accompaniment.

The three days consisted of large group tuition, jamming in both large and small groups. The students also spent a significant amount of time playing a range of bluegrass standards slowly, while being coached on chord changes, jamming etiquette , all while building confidence throughout the three days . They even had opportunities to learn how to find melodies, fake solos and sing in harmony all without music or tab. By the end of the third day, jammers were performing in small groups, leading songs in large groups, taking solos and even singing in harmony with each other. Many performed in public for the first time ever at the camp.

You can read more on the Jam Camp page.


  1. John Werner

    Congratulations on the successful 1st camp Greg. Sounds like all had a great time, and good to see a few familiar faces in the pic. All the best for future camps….!

    • Greg McGrath

      Thanks John,
      It was a challenging three days for us all. I greatly enjoyed it.