2022 New Year’s Day Pick in the Park

by | 7 Dec, 2021

Adelaide Pick in the Park

Adelaide’s Annual New Year’s Day Pick in the Park

Around 1985 0r 1986-ish a few South Australian bluegrass pickers met up in a park to pick in the New Year. The only record of that day is one faded Pentax Spotmatic Tri-X print seen above.

Those and subsequent pickers have kept the pick in the park going thru the years, and plan to pick again on 1 January 2022 in Botanic Park Adelaide. The Park is on Plane Tree Drive next to the Botanic Gardens – and the event is just to the North of the Botanic Gardens gates and North Lodge.

Adelaide Pick in the ParkOver the years the pick has welcomed many pickers. Bring all your usual picnic stuff and instruments, and invite anyone else you think would like a pleasant day under and among the trees.

Parking in Plane Tree Drive is limited, so early arrivees get the best spots.

Covid conditions on NYD 2022 are an unknown, however:

  • The pick in the park is a casual outdoor gathering;
  • It is not a formal event, not registered anywhere, so there will be no covid check-in;
  • Attendees should social-distance;
  • Best to be vaxxed;
  • But if there’s a lock-down or some-such, of course then its best to stay home.

Thanks to Ian Fisk and Tina B for the many pictures over the years.