2022 MountainGrass Update

by | 5 Jan, 2023

Here is Some Updates and From the Folks at ABOTMA

Next year we are looking forward to the return of a bluegrass act from the US and we are working at having an old time act from North America as well. We are also planning to make improvements to our website and membership system, both of which are well overdue for upgrades. If any of you know of an easy to use membership system please get in touch with us.

We’ve received some very constructive and helpful suggestions for Mountaingrass 2023, which we will take on board. If you have yet to give us any feedback and / or have some suggestions towards improvements to next year’s festival, then please get in touch with us via in**@ab****.au.

A huge thank you to everyone who performed, helped fill last minute gaps in bands, provided tuition and gave workshops, lead slow jams, played in the blackboard concerts and acoustic concerts, picked and sessioned with anyone who wanted to have a go, provided our sound (which was fantastic), checked wristbands, helped out on the registration desk, collected the stage and chairs from Barlens, picked up and dropped off porta-loos, helped transport performers, kept our venues tidy and cleaned up around the Kerferd; bought raffle tickets, took magnificent photos of the event and posted them on Facebook; not to mention the back-of-house stuff like providing artwork for the festival program, compiling the festival program, website and social media, hosting our website and managing our email system, as well as all the admin associated with the event.

A huge thank you too to the staff at the George Kerferd Hotel who did an enormous amount of work to prepare for and host Mountaingrass festival this year, and all within the challenge of limited staffing levels.

Thank you to Dean from the Linaker, who looked after our patrons very well.

Thank you to Christine Cansfield-Smith and the folks at the Mayday Hills Art Society for allowing us to use their class room for workshops.

Thank you to Dave Aumann for providing the beautiful guitar for our raffle. And thank you to everyone who supported the raffle. It was a very successful and helped us get over the line financially.

Thank you to all our ABOTMA members. Your help and support is much appreciated.

We’ve brought our dates for Mountaingrass 2023 forward by one week for two reasons:

  • Firstly, the Indigo Shire Council asked us to move away from the third weekend to avoid the ongoing clash with the Drag’d Out festival; and
  • Secondly, bringing Mountaingrass closer to other festivals that book string bands from overseas makes it more attractive for those bands to include Mountaingrass in their tours.

More to come on this in our performer announcements in the new year.

ABOTMA Executive committee for 2022/2023

President: Mick O’Neill, Vice President: Jacinta Connery, Secretary: Helen Ludellen, Treasurers: Karita Brokenshire and Helen Ludellen.
Ordinary committee members: Dave Diprose, Ricky Pann, Bruce Packard

ABOTMA & MountainGrass Are Supported By:

  • Indigo Shire Council
  • The George Kerferd Hotel
  • The Mayday Hills Art Society
  • The Hotel Nicholas
  • John Boothroyd
  • George Fendyk
  • Australian Bluegrass.com
  • David Aumann of Aumann Stringed Instruments for supporting our 2022 raffle;
  • Jan Dale and the Southern Style program on PBS 106.7FM in Melbourne;
  • Grundy banjos
  • Gerald Pink picks
  • Madam PC and Comedy Hypnotist Gerard V for technical services