2022 Great Alpine Pick To Proceed

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The 2022 Great Alpine Pick 25th to 27th February – Harrietville, Victoria.

One of the biggest problems for festival and event organisers these past two years has been the convoluted, contradictory and often confusing edicts on gatherings, public collectives and events either indoors or outdoors .

While the country forges ahead with some 90% of us vaccinated we still live in a quandary with regard to the outcomes. Our favourite festivals are being cancelled. Similarly, the future of events are at the mercy of venue owners and their ongoing perceived risks as prescribed by and dictated to by insurers, lawyers and governments.

Organisers of this year’s Great Alpine Pick have, after significant evaluation, decided that the 2022 Great Alpine Pick will proceed.

2022 Great Alpine PickIn order to reduce risk, comply with every changing regulation and cover as many moving targets as possible The GAP is going to be run in a very stripped down fashion thus:

  • There will be no indoor events.
  • Concerts at the halls are cancelled.
  • Picking with the bands event at the Cricket Club is cancelled.

Nevertheless the outdoor Sunday morning chalkboard will proceed assuming the weather favours the weekend.

In place of those many indoor events organisers hope to see you shortly after your arrival and finishing just before you leave to go home. That’s why it’s called The Great Alpine Pick.

There’s no excuse, you don’t have to be anywhere so you don’t miss out on anything. Just find some find some people to play with and go at it.

If you don’t play, find some people who are playing stuff you like, sit down, and enjoy your own mini concert.

By the way, for those of you who don’t play, maybe this would be a great weekend to start.

I know that The Kissing’ Cousins and Nine Mile Creek will all be going regardless.
That being the case, if the weather’s nice on the Saturday night we’ll have a concert down by the river in the Caravan Park – GAP Organisers.

By the way – please note that the Great Alpine Pick is a free event. Apart from your accommodation costs, meals and travel the event is free.

We may take up a voluntary collection on the Saturday night to buy the bands a few drinks, but that’s up to you.

Organisers trust that festival goers will follow all the current Covid rules, masks, distancing, QR codes, etc.

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  1. Carlo

    So looking forward to this event. Not going to miss it for the world.