2021 Dorrigo Folk & Bluegrass Festival Cancelled

by | 18 Aug, 2021 | 1 comment

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The following message is from organisers of the Dorrigo Folk and Bluegrass Festival in NSW:

It is with deep sadness that for the second year running we are announcing the cancellation of the 19th Dorrigo Folk & Bluegrass Festival 2021.

Again, this decision is due to the difficulties of running an event during COVID-19 and the associated risks, and it is of paramount importance that we can maintain future Dorrigo Folk & Bluegrass Festivals.

To run a successful Festival we rely highly on unrestricted interstate travel and with many state borders closed, we cannot guarantee that our musicians will be able to travel safely from areas within and outside of NSW. Just as important are you, our dedicated patrons, who travel from all over Australia to be with us.

We would like to thank the performers, volunteers, sound crew, infrastructure suppliers and other key personnel for the time already invested and commitment made to the 19th Dorrigo Folk & Bluegrass Festival 2021.

If you were one of the wonderful people who purchased tickets to the 19th Dorrigo Folk & Bluegrass Festival 2021, you will receive a full refund as the committee has decided to revise our Cancellation Clause for this year. Please understand that this may take a few business days to be processed.

The DF&BF Inc. now feels we are able to direct our biggest hopes, energy and time towards holding the 20th Dorrigo Folk & Bluegrass Festival on the 21st, 22nd, 23rd of October in 2022. We will have the biggest smiles on our faces as we welcome you back to be part of the celebration.

If you feel that you would like to support our future festivals, thank you; we welcome this by a donation on our Donation Page or please contact us regarding our Sponsorship Packages.

There is still a lot to do, so although it might seem that we are quietly hibernating, be assured that we will be working hard towards October next year. You are all very important to us and we wish you well in these uncertain times and look forward to celebrating our 20th festival with you.

If you would like to stay in touch more frequently, make sure you are connected with us via e-newsletter, Facebook and Instagram.

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  1. Sue Clarke

    Dear Organisers of the Dorrigo Festival
    I would like to wish you all the best. Don’t be too disheartened – it will happen again soon hopefully. You are very kind hearted and understanding people – I have experienced that with you. Once again all the best.
    Sue Clarke