2018 Australian Bluegrass Conference

by | 13 Feb, 2018 | 5 comments

Aust Bluegrass Conference

Aust Bluegrass ConferenceAustralian Bluegrass Conference – Thursday December 13th till Sunday December 16th

The organisers of the Australian Bluegrass Conference are currently securing the faculty for the 2018 conference.

To date they have secured American/Aussie bluegrass band The Sonoran Dogs featuring Mark Miracle, Peter McLaughlin, Tyler James and Bruce Packard.

There are another 6-8 names of players in the mix who have yet to have been able to commit, but rest assured I will have a crackerjack line up of Australian and International players in attendance – Peter Nahuysen conference convener.

The venue will be Tranquil Park Resort in Maleny on the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

Please feel free to register your expression of interest in this event by emailing Peter.


  1. Rhiannon Swift

    Hi, is this event suitable for banjo players of all levels of experience? Thank you!

    • Greg McGrath

      It is quite suited to players from intermediate to advanced. Beginners would struggle I think.

      • Rhiannon Swift

        That’s great info, thank you!

  2. Marli Cregan

    Brilliant if there’s to be a lot of music and not much talk. :-)

    • Greg McGrath

      There is lots of both. Great music and inspirational teaching.