2013 Beechworth Update

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BeechworthThe Kelly Country Pick is turning 15 this year! The program is finalised and up on their website and being printed now.

Wendy Jackson tells us that everything is in place for another fabulous weekend at Beechworth’s Kelly Country Pick. A few small changes in timing of a few concerts but generally much the same. There is an additional band in the line-up this year, hence a few concerts have 4 acts instead of the usual 3 to enable all acts to perform twice over the weekend. So, a chance for you to get out and about to see as much variety as you can. Out of 15 acts performing this year – 9 of them have never played the Kelly Country Pick before!

Workshop schedule is also on the website and features tutors both new and old and a few new workshops to mix things up.

Organisers are looking forward to having Maria and Paul Duff and the boys from Bluegrass Parkway in town all the way from Perth; new blood from Adelaide with ‘The Cherry Pickers’ and the return of the fabulous ‘Breaking Hart Benton’ from Brisbane. Lee and Michael are off to perform and record in Nashville following the festival.

Mark Woods and Jack Jensen back on the job doing sound for the festival again and for the 4th year running. They will be working with 4 students from the audio production course at RMIT. Be sure to say hi to them and show your appreciation for their fine work.

If you get to town early you re welcome to join the team for a relaxed early start this year with drinks and an open mic session at the Priory on the Thursday night. The registration desk will open around 4pm on Friday. If you haven’t booked your accommodation, click on the link here to go to our accommodation page. Don’t forget the Beechworth on Bridge is offering a special deal for the weekend which includes breakfast.


A volunteer schedule has been dispatched, so if you are a current volunteer you should have received it by now and sending in your preferences. There is room for a few more volunteersd, if anyone would like a free pass in return for 6-8 hrs of assistance over the weekend. Check out the website’s volunteers page if you can help.

Photos in use on the Kelly Country Pick website are courtesy of Ian Fisk and David Thorpe.

Kelly Country Pick Program:

Thursday 15th August Venue
7.00 Open Stage and Picking  Old Priory Hall
Friday 16th August Venue
6.00 pm Kissin’ Cousins Old Priory Hall
7.00 pm Burnt Creek Deviation Old Priory Hall
9.00 pm Ray Marshall and His Bluegrass Deputies Hibernian Hotel
10.00 pm Bluegrass Parkway Hibernian Hotel
11.00 pm The Cherry Pickers Hibernian Hotel
9.00 pm Cat and Clint Nicholas Hotel
9.40 pm Johnny Cant Dance Nicholas Hotel
10.30 pm The Rusty Pickers Nicholas Hotel
11.20 pm Fruit Jar Nicholas Hotel
Saturday 17th August  Venue
9-12 am Workshops (see workshop page for detail) Old Priory
12-2 pm Blackboard Concert Old Priory Hall
Afternoon Concerts
2.00 pm Rusty Pickers Old Priory Hall
3.00 pm Burnt Creek Deviation Old Priory Hall
4.00 pm Coolgrass Old Priory Hall
3.00 pm HighTimes Bridge St Brewery
3.45 pm Breaking Hart Benton Bridge St Brewery
4.35 pm Cat and Clint Bridge St Brewery
5.25 pm Johnny Cant Dance Bridge St Brewery
  Evening Concerts  
6.00 pm High and Lonesome Old Priory Hall
7.00 pm Ray Marshall and his Bluegrass Deputies Old Priory Hall
8.00 pm High Times String Band Old Priory Hall
8.00 pm Breaking Hart Benton Hibernian Hotel
9.00 pm Bluegrass Parkway Hibernian Hotel
10.00 pm Coolgrass Hibernian Hotel
11.00 pm John Flanagan and the Begin Agains Hibernian Hotel
8.00 pm Kissin’ Cousins Nicholas Hotel
9.00 pm The Cherry Pickers Nicholas Hotel
10.00 pm Appalachian Heaven Nicholas Hotel
11.00 pm Fruit Jar Nicholas Hotel
Late Night Picking at the Priory
Sunday 18th August  Venue
9.00 am Gospel in the Garden / or the Priory Hall if raining Old Priory Hall
10-12 am Workshops (see workshop page for detail) Old Priory
Priory Lunchtime Concert (lunch available)
12.30 pm High and Lonesome Old Priory Hall
1.20 pm Cat and Clint Old Priory Hall
2.00 pm John Flanagan and the Begin Agains Old Priory Hall
2.50 pm Appalachian Heaven Old Priory Hall
3.30-6.30 Blackboard Concert at the Brewery Bridge Rd Brewers
6.30 onwards Kelly Corpse Club
Dinner and Picking
Nicholas Hotel
Diehards – final picking session Old Priory

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