2012 Bluegrass Comps Deferred

by | 20 Jan, 2012

The Country Music Association has advised that the 2012 Bluegrass Picking Championships will not be held as part of the 2012 Tamworth Country Music Festival and has been deferred until 2013.

The committee has had a major change of personnel this year and the CMAA organisation found itself too under resourced to plan for and deliver a quality championship event but are planning on returning it to the 2013 events calendar.

I am most disappointed that we could not make it happen for 2012. We have advised all of the people who that contacted us re the event, and notified them of our decision.  Unfortunately we no longer have staff in the office who have the information we need for this event. I am certainly interested in this event continuing from 2013 – Joan Douglas, CMAA Chairman.