16th Redlands Bluegrass Convention

by | 5 Jun, 2010

Redlands – 9th to 11th July 2010

This year marks the 16th year for the Redland’s Bluegrass Convention, Australia’s friendliest bluegrass gathering. These days people travel from all over the country to be part of this great weekend’s festivities.

The first festival was held back in 1995 and featured Gary Vann, Ian Tredennick, Terry Contini and the Sunshine Mountain Band. If you ask any of the regulars, they’d tell you that each year has seen a marked improvement in attendance, spread and quality of acts as well as the program.

Here’s a flashback over the 16 year history of the festival lineup:

  • 1995 Gary Vann, Ian Tredennick, Terry Contini, Sunshine Mountain Band
  • 1996 Rod McCormack, Jeff McCormack, Mick Albeck, Amanda Gilmour, Maggie & Geoff Adeney, Graham Hughes
  • 1997 Gerry Hale, Brendan Radford, Ian Tredennick, Chris Ridgeway, Gary Vann
  • 1998 Rod McCormack, Jeff McCormack, Mick Albeck, Andrew Clermont, Elizabeth Lord & James Leigh, Ian Tredennick, Chris Ridgeway, Gary Vann
  • 1999 Trev Warner, Nick, Janet & Lachlan Dear, Geoff LeBlanc, Hugh Curtis, Brendan Radford, Gary Vann, Jane Saunders
  • 2000 Mike Kerin, Mick Moffat, Geoff Mercer, Jenny Shimmon, Michael Vidale, Hillbilly Lovechild
  • 2001 Paul & Marie Duff, Ian Simpson, Mick O’Neill, Donal Baylor as Bluegrass Parkway ( WA), Copper Kettle, Change of Heart, Redland Bluegrass Boys, Chris Cook, Sommers Family
  • 2002 Karen Lynne & Acoustic Shock, Trev Warner, Copper Kettle, Hillbilly Lovechild, Change of Heart, Lachlan Davidson, Dave Hellens, Sommers Family
  • 2003 Rod McCormack, Mick Albeck, Trev Warner, Ian Lees, Gary Brown, Sommers Family, Davidson Brothers, Josh & Laurie Grundy, Dipsey Chips, David Helens, Gary Vann & Rosco, Copper Kettle
  • 2004 Bluegrass Parkway, Jack Hatfield (USA), Davidson Brothers, Hugh Curtis, Brendan Radford, David Helens, Sommers Family, Gary Brown, Redland Bluegrass Boys, Bushfire
  • 2005 Butch Robbins ( USA ), Brendon Radford, Hugh Currtis, Trev Warner, Davidson Brothers, Gary Brown, Cathy Watt, Mark Webber
  • 2006 James and Angela McKinney Band ( USA ), The Davidson Brothers, Andrew Clermont, Wayward Sisters, Bushfire
  • 2007 Bluegrass Parkway, The Davidson Brothers, Coolgrass, Trev Warner and Brendan Radford, Wendy Jackson, Gary Brown, Pirate Brides, Wayward Sisters, Redland Bluegrass Boys
  • 2008 The Davidson Brothers, Trev Warner & Bluegrass Junction, Karen Lynne & Marty Louis, Gary Brown, Gary Vann & Willow, The Wayward Sisters, Bushfire, Mark Webber, Pirate Brides, Tom Cat & the Bluegrass Kittens, The Redland Bluegrass Boys
  • 2009 The Tashians (USA), The Redlands Bluegrass Boys, Bushfire, Big Blue Fish, Gary Brown,The Grassy Knoll,The Nahuysens, Pirate Brides, Davidson Brothers, Coolgrass and The Wayward Sisters

This reflects a gathering of folk from right across Australia and in later years sees some great international support. The festival is organised under the banner of the Redlands Modern Country Music Club and one of several festival organisers, Neil Wills says:

The line-up has something for everybody and the depth of quality for this  year’s list of artists is really something special.
From Tennessee, mandolinist David Long and his band Midnight From Memphis head the bill, supported by the Davidson Bothers with Kristy Cox, Bluegrass Parkway, Trev Warner, Karen Lynne, Twisted Oak, Innes Campbell and Present Company, Groundspeed, The O’Donnells, Pirate Brides and even the good ol’ Redland Bluegrass Boys.

That’s the ones we know about and typically lots more roll in. Hope to see you there – Neil Wills