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Jimmy Rush & Nigel Lever – “Inspired”

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Inspired is a recording project from 2 of Australia’s best known Bluegrass musicians Jimmy Rush & Nigel Lever.

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Jim and Nigel were inspired during a recent trip to the USA. On that trip in 2011 their mutual friend Tom White from North Carolina booked a studio, recruited a bass player and said “ok boys start recording”, and record they did.

The results of that session delivered the  first 6 tracks for the CD. Jeff Huffman who played bass for the project is also a stellar guitar player. You can heare his stunning contribution in the breaks to Lost Indian & Soldiers Joy.

With this inspiration the duo returned home to continue to add another 10 tracks to  on the project and enlisted a group of talented friends back in Sydney & Melbourne.

Artists appearing on Inspired include:

  • Tom White (US)
  • Jeff Huffman (US)
  • Hunter & Suzy Owens (Sydney)
  • Martin Louis (Sydney)
  • Jenny Shimmin (Sydney)
  • Gary Brown (Sydney)
  • Quentin Fraser (Dapto)
  • Duggie Wallace (Melbourne)
  • Pete Fidler (Melbourne)
  • Kat Mear (Melbourne)


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